Joy Ride Bikes
October 13, 2011

What is it with bad bike parking at bike shops? And what you can’t see is that the rack isn’t even attached to the pavement.

At the river
July 4, 2011

Deschutes River at Chehalis-Western Trail. It’s not that one really expects good bike parking on the trail, but it does illustrate a basic bike parking concern. The cars that park out by the road are basically self-securing, but bicycles really need something to be attached to! And even then, I get a little nervy having […]

O’Reilly Auto Parts
June 27, 2011

Bike parking, a photo by Oakwright on Flickr. Perhaps counter-intuitive, but not impossible that someone would want to bicycle to the auto parts store. Looks like one bike is locked to the trashcan, and then the bikes are locked to each other.

Bike parking?
June 27, 2011

Bike parking?, a photo by Oakwright on Flickr. A close-up of the supplied parking at Falcone’s.

Olympia City Hall
June 27, 2011

4th Ave & Cherry St, Olympia Yes, that’s the brand new city hall, and its bike parking is frustratingly not-quite-right. Even as it was being finished, I could tell that the overhang was going to be inadequate. ┬áSince I caught these photos on a rainy day, you can see exactly what I mean. People are […]

Burger King
June 27, 2011

College & Yelm, Lacey Whoa, it’s not even attached to anything! Whatever else there is to say about this uncovered wheelbender, IT IS SITTING UNATTACHED IN THE GRASS. Curiously enough, it’s fairly convenient to the entrance, if a PITA to get to from the parking lot.

Pioneer Park
June 7, 2011

Henderson (blvd?), Tumwater My first Tumwater location! Here the bikes have been ridden/walked down the trail to the Deschutes River and locked to a narrow log. If there wasn’t a log, they’d be locked to each other. It’s not that there isn’t bike parking at the park, it’s just incredibly far away from where we […]

May 24, 2011

Where: College St, Lacey WA This one really needs 3 photos…first is the place where I always park when I go to Goodwill, over by the cart corral. Second is the actual bike parking; what you can’t see is that the rack isn’t even secured to the ground, in addition to being out of the […]

Cutters Point
May 17, 2011

Where: Cutter’s Point, Pacific Ave, Lacey This one is so close to being great! Covered, room for multiple bikes, well-secured…but the frame is just a little close to the wall, so it’s tricky to lock up. (Not sure a u-lock would work at all.)

May 13, 2011

Where: Albertsons on Pacific Ave, Olympia When: September, 2009 Why it’s ridiculous: What is NOT ridiculous about this? Far away from the entrance, loosely secured, terrible approach, no cover.