Fred Meyer Lacey
September 18, 2011

Sleater-Kinney & Pacific, Lacey This building has three entrances: one with an excellent parking setup, one that’s not so great, and this one.

O’Reilly Auto Parts
June 27, 2011

Bike parking, a photo by Oakwright on Flickr. Perhaps counter-intuitive, but not impossible that someone would want to bicycle to the auto parts store. Looks like one bike is locked to the trashcan, and then the bikes are locked to each other.

Healthy Pets Animal Hospital
June 4, 2011

4th ave, Olympia. Yes, that’s a cat carrier on my bike. The vet is VERY close to our house, so if it’s a wellness visit (ie cat is not otherwise feeling poorly), it seems silly to drive, and it’s just too far to walk. I realize not many people can do this. Still, it would […]