Ralph’s Thriftway
May 21, 2011

4th ave e, olympia Usually this is one of the best places to park, but today was bike to work day, and really nice weather besides, so it was entirely full!

May 17, 2011

where: starbucks, college st, lacey All the bike parking in this development is ridiculous, honestly. This one is virtually identical to the crowding & faux cover of the teriyaki place, with the added annoyance of the end of my bike running into a rosebush.

New Teriyaki
May 15, 2011

where: New Teriyaki & Sushi, College St, Lacey Why ridiculous: this is the kind of frame that should have enough room for two bikes but it’s backed against the wall so far that realistically only one will fit. Plus the overhang is vestigal at best.