Burger King
June 27, 2011

College & Yelm, Lacey Whoa, it’s not even attached to anything! Whatever else there is to say about this uncovered wheelbender, IT IS SITTING UNATTACHED IN THE GRASS. Curiously enough, it’s fairly convenient to the entrance, if a PITA to get to from the parking lot.

Ralph’s Thriftway
June 26, 2011

4th Ave, Olympia The otherwise lovely covered parking is ridiculously hard to get to unless you’re riding entirely vehicularly, i.e., through the parking lot. I don’t think I’m alone in approaching via the sidewalk because it doesn’t involve changing lanes across 2 lanes of fast traffic on an uphill one-way street. Since they moved the […]

June 26, 2011

Yelm Hwy, Lacey This spot has the same annoying fake overhang as all the other bike parking in this shopping area. But the more frustrating part of this spot is the difficulty of the approach. There’s a low wall blocking all of the simple approaches, and the breaks between them all have trees planted. What […]