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Downtown Olympia

A tweet with photos. That is one beat-up A-frame, and of course no cover. (I don’t think there’s any covered bike parking downtown, except at the library.)

New Teriyaki (?)

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Yelm & College, Lacey WA

I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this location before, but I thought it was worth showing an attempt to park two bikes here. (The other bike is my Townie, borrowed by my sister in from out of town.)

[Aug 5: just noticed that the photo didn’t upload. hrm.]

TwinStar Credit Union

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Yelm & College, Lacey

disclaimer: I work for TwinStar, but this blog has no relationship to my employer. Also, this is not the location where I work.

Every bike lockup in this whole shopping complex is terrible. This one, although with a clever ramp approach, is no exception. I guess I should give it points for not even pretending to be covered. Note the VAST SWATHS of car parking, mostly for buildings that have yet to be constructed.

Lacey Transit Center

July 18, 2011 - 2 Responses


Couldn’t they have put up one more shelter to go over the bike parking?

Group Health

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Lilly Rd, Olympia

I posted this earlier, but this is in actual rain. And where I thought would be sheltered, wasn’t. At least my saddle stayed dry!

Note the soaked-through gloves and the puddle in my Xtracycle bag.


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Yelm & College, Lacey

This is where I actually park, most of the time, when I go to Lowes, instead of in the normal bike parking.


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Yelm & College, Lacey

So I’ve posted this spot before, but today it was raining, which meant I had to park on the inner side. Which meant that I got to look like a jerk, trying to move my bike and an abandoned cart out of the way of a woman with a cart full of groceries and a little kid. Thanks a lot, Safeway.

Bike Parking in Amsterdam

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A quick link to a post about bicycles in Amsterdam – Fietsen Van Amsterdam – which is mostly about the bicycles themselves, but has some interesting photos of bike parking at the beginning. Wow. Not a lot of cover, but amazing capacity. And check out the striped parking at the grocery store!

Lightpost = Bikerack

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Lightpost = Bikerack by Oakwright
Lightpost = Bikerack, a photo by Oakwright on Flickr.

Regal Cinemas, Lacey

Downspout Bike Parking

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Downspout Bike Parking by Oakwright
Downspout Bike Parking, a photo by Oakwright on Flickr.

Sushi Train in Lacey.