I bike a lot, and I get tired of dealing with bad bicycle parking. So now I take pictures and post them on the internet.

See “Towards a taxonomy of bicycle parking” for some thoughts about how I categorize.

My main bike has special parking needs: it’s an Xtracycle cargo bike. It’s longer than a normal bike, and it has a wooden deck that tends to warp & peel in the rain.

My name is Elaine Nelson; by day I’m a web designer/developer. I write about stuff in general on my blog. I also write about web things occasionally. And I do the Twitter thing, but not so much Facebook.

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  1. I and another local bike advocate did an inventory of a year’s worth of new construction in Olympia a few years ago to check up on the enforcement of the City’s fairly good bike parking code. The results were dismal, and we brought this to the attention of City planners. It is time to do another check on this to see if things have improved. Would you like to join us?

    • I would love to! I’ll send you an email.

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