Long time, no parking

So it looks like my last post here was in October of last year. I have a few photos on my phone, I think, but mostly, I haven’t been biking as much. Last October I was away from work most of the month, and didn’t bike much. November – February is always on the slow side for me, but it was compounded by a car crash right before Thanksgiving. (In my truck, not on my bike. Other guy ran a red light.) I didn’t sustain any major injuries, but I spent the winter in a mental fog, along with dealing with shoulder/back pain. It took me a long time to even get up the interest in cycling, let alone mocking bad bicycle parking. Then right about the time where I get to biking all the time, I accepted a new job. First I took a month off; it rained half of that. I think I have some good (?) pics from May that I haven’t uploaded. Then the new job itself is someplace much more strenuous to bike to: 7 miles, VERY hilly. So I just haven’t had as many opportunities to bike. I would like to get back to this, but I don’t know how much it will happen.

Which is also to say: if you notice terrible bicycle parking while you’re out and about, you can post it here! Go to the Contribute page and fill out the form.

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