Olympia City Hall




4th Ave & Cherry St, Olympia

Yes, that’s the brand new city hall, and its bike parking is frustratingly not-quite-right.

Even as it was being finished, I could tell that the overhang was going to be inadequate. ┬áSince I caught these photos on a rainy day, you can see exactly what I mean. People are compensating, sort of, by parking backed-in. If my bike had been there, it would’ve gotten wet. Since I was heading to a meeting on a rainy day, I didn’t ride.

Then there’s the location of the parking spots: they’re completely invisible from inside the building. Nobody’s keeping an eye on these bikes. According to a reliable source, there easily could’ve been windows from offices looking out onto the bike parking.

What about that lone A-frame over by the front door? While the visibility is great, when I used it a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that getting to it requires going the long way around, or hoisting the bike up steps. Plus the frame was unbolted on one side! The cover is a bit better, but unlikely to give rain protection is the wind is blowing (common in winter) or from the sun after midday, because it’s so high up.

I’m really disappointed that a brand-new public building treats cyclists so┬ácavalierly, especially since there’s hardly any car parking, which I imagine is meant to encourage people to walk, ride the bus, or bike.

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