Where: College St, Lacey WA

This one really needs 3 photos…first is the place where I always park when I go to Goodwill, over by the cart corral. Second is the actual bike parking; what you can’t see is that the rack isn’t even secured to the ground, in addition to being out of the way. (And only sort of under cover.) Third shows just how out of the way: that pointy fake roof is the Goodwill.

2 Responses

  1. In this example here, people in wheelchairs or with strollers may have a hard time getting around your bike. Just thought I’d make a friendly mention. I figure since you care about bike rights, you probably also care about pedestrian rights. (:

    • I probably could’ve parked that better, usually I do make an effort to keep it as tucked out of the way as possible.

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